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Terms and conditions


In these terms and conditions:

1.1 “Prinsen Residence International” means Prinsen Residence of Amsterdam.

1.2 The “customer” means any natural or legal person who has given Prinsen Residence International an order to act as an intermediary in looking for living and / or working accommodation.

Conclusions of agreement

2.1 The Intermediation Agreement shall be concluded by sending in the filled-in registration form.

2.2 Prior to conclusion of an Agreement the Customer will be under the obligation to submit valid identity documents to Prinsen Residence International.

2.3 All offers of living and/ or working accommodation made by Prinsen Residence International both in writing and verbally shall be without engagement and no rights can be derived therefrom by the Customer.

2.4 If the Customer is eligible for any living accommodation requiring a residence permit, obtaining such permit shall be for account and risk of the Customer himself.


4.1 Prinsen Residence International shall start its activities after having received the filled-in registration form.

4.2 The work to be done by Prinsen Residence International shall consist of the following activities: Viewings; Giving advice on renting / leasing and letting; On request giving other relocation services.


5.1 If a tenancy agreement results to the Customer from the intermediation by Prinsen Residence International, the following amounts shall be due to Prinsen Residence International by the Customer: for self-contained accommodation, meaning that the tenant has his own kitchen and bathroom facilities, one month’s rent (as payable monthly to the letter/ lessor), exclusive of VAT.

5.2 If a sale agreement results to the Customer from the intermediation by Prinsen Residence International, a fee shall be due by the Customer in accordance with the rates contains in the General Terms and Conditions of Business of NVM (Dutch Association of Estate Agents).

5.3 The amount mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be payable to Prinsen Residence International only once and must be paid in cash or by bank-transfer to Prinsen Residence International either on the signature of the tenancy agreement or not later than one day following acceptance of the accommodation.

5.4 Failing such payment, any legal or non-legal expenses shall be chargeable to the debtor.

5.5 If you and/ or your relatives/ relations are going to live at any address obtained through Prinsen Residence International, a fee shall be due to Prinsen Residence International by you.

5.6 You cannot move into the accommodation until you have paid the fee to Prinsen Residence International.


6.1 Prinsen Residence International shall not be liable for the way in which any letter / lessor fulfils his obligations as a letter/ lessor after the signature of the contract. The customer must always apply directly to the letter/ lessor.